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Selective Mutism

Family and Individual Therapy

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We use behavioural interventions to help children and adolescents develop comfort and confidence speaking with the therapist initially and then with other adults and children. Sessions for children with selective mutism are play-based and involved “fading speech” from the parent to the therapist.  

Parents are an integral part of the therapy and training, support and advice is provided to them throughout. 

Once progress has been made in individual sessions, the child and their family are guided during “brave practices” in the community and consultations with parents and schools can be set up to continue the interventions.

Getting Braver Together Groups

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Getting Braver Together groups are available for both older and younger children.  The child must be able to answer questions with one-word responses with a therapist before starting the group. 

During group sessions, we play games and practice "brave talking".  For older children there is psychoeducation about anxiety and anxiety management.  Goals are set and adjusted according to ability for each child as the group progresses.  

During groups we might also practice answering for attendance, starting and maintaining conversations, giving compliments, giving presentations, and saying hello and goodbye.

Groups are run online at this time.  There are 3-6 children in a group and 1-2 facilitators. 

Confident Kids Camp Toronto

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A week long day camp for children with accompanying parent training.  For more information, click the button below.

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