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Confident Kids Camp FAQs

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How do you ensure that my child will speak to you?

Prior to camp starting, an intake and lead-in session is scheduled for every child who is new to us.  During these sessions, we will follow a "fade-in" process to ensure your child is able to initially speak to one of our senior team and in turn to their individual counsellor.  A parent is always present for the start of this session as we ease the child in to new talking relationships.  Parent trainings for the fade-in session will be given during the intake. 

By having this session prior to camp, your child will enter the week more comfortable with their counselor and more prepared to make significant gains in verbal communication each day. The sessions last approximately two to three hours. 

What if my child doesn't talk during the fade-in sessions?

Communication during the fade-in session is important, as we have structured activities and outings that we want all campers to be able to participate in during CKC. If we are continuing to work to establish speech during the camp itself, your child would lose out on important therapeutic activities. For that reason, we will do all we can to facilitate your child’s speech during the fade-in session.

If, despite everyone’s best efforts, your child in unable to communicate verbally with us (a relatively rare circumstance), we will discuss other intervention options with you. 

Fade-in sessions are typically built into the cost of camp.  If we are unable to establish speech with your child during the fade-in, you will be billed for the fade-in time but not for camp. 

How can I prepare my child for the fade-in sessions?

Keep your discussions about the fade-in sessions simple but honest. Let your child know that they will be meeting a few nice people and that everyone will playing games and getting to know each other. Your child may also feel more comfortable to know that a parent will be involved in the session until they feel comfortable with the CKC staff (unless otherwise indicated).


When talking about the communication goal, you can let your child know that the adults will help them feel more brave, but avoid giving them the specifics that communicating in the session is a necessity. We don’t want to put even more pressure on your child who is likely already going to be experiencing some nerves. You can also increase his or her motivation to practice being brave in the lead-in by letting your child know that you can stop for a special treat on the way home. Feel free to also bring in any items from home that your child will be especially interested to play with during the lead-in session and that may help them feel more comfortable during the appointment.

What is parent training?

Parent training is included in the price of camp and is an integral part of your child’s individualized treatment. Each day parents practice in a 1.5 hour group training session with Dr. Helfman. You will be taught strategies to successfully decrease your child’s anxiety and increase their verbal communication. 

Where are you located?

Camp is close to Eglinton Ave W. station.  Specific location for camp will be provided upon application.

Can we bring siblings to CKC?

While siblings cannot attend CKC camp activities throughout the day, free babysitting services are offered during the parent training! Siblings can also be in the parent sessions with you, but parents often find this to be distracting. The babysitting option provides a room where you can drop off children during these meetings.

We're coming from out of town, where should we stay?

There are many hotels in Downtown Toronto. The CKC site will be easily accessible by public transport.  For accommodations nearer the site, it would be best to look at airbnb, vrbo or similar rental sites.

What is your cancellation policy for camp?

If cancellation occurs more than a month before camp starts, 75% of the overall cost for camp will be returned. If cancellation occurs between 2 and 4 weeks of camp starting, 50% of camp costs will be returned.  Cancellations within 2 weeks of camp starting will not result in reimbursement.

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