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Confident Kids Camp Toronto I Investment

Cost of Attending Camp

The total cost of attending Confident Kids Camp Toronto is $3750 CAD. 

The intensive intervention model of CKC includes intake, fade-in sessions, 30 hours of intervention with the child and 7.5 hours of parent training over 5 days and a final report.  In terms of time and cost-effectiveness, in typical treatment, the same number of intervention hours would be spread across many weeks and would amount to more than $8625 CAD.  

Summer therapy camps have been shown to provide quick, effective treatment that generalizes well to the school setting.  CKC is an excellent supplement to one-to-one therapy as well as a wonderful way for you and your child to start therapy. 

A $600 deposit is due upon registration.  Further installments of $1050 will be due in April, May and June. 

What is included in the cost?

The cost of camp includes:

- Group parent training prior to fade-in (if this has not been completed previously)

- Fade-in appointments with a Selective Mutism therapist and counsellor
- 30 hours of 1:1 therapeutic support during camp 
- Field trips and activities associated with camp
- Daily parent training and live parent coaching on one of the last days of camp

Intakes for camp are billed at the therapists regular rate. 

Can I claim any back from my private insurer?

All of our counsellors (unless already autonomously licensed) will be working under the supervision of Dr. Jemma Helfman. We are able to issue invoices with Dr. Helfman's name and Ontario registration number for you to seek reimbursement from any private insurance you may have.  Please discuss your specific coverage with us.

What is your cancellation policy for camp?

If cancellation occurs by 5th July, 75% of the overall cost for camp will be returned. If cancellation occurs between 6th and 26th July, 50% of camp costs will be returned.  Cancellations after 26th July will not result in reimbursement.

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